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Classes We Offer

(NRA) Gun Safety Seminar Class- (Cost-$100) This class is for the beginner shooters and anyone new to owning a firearm or bringing a firearm into the home for the first time great for the whole family. Price is per student

(NRA) Basics Of Pistol Shooting- (Cost-$125)This class goes over all basic firearms safety, Shooting stance, Aiming, How to hold a firearm and much more. Great class and very hands on there is also a live fire shooting test that you must pass (don’t worry that’s what i am here for is to help you learn and pass) Price is Per Student

(NON NRA) Getting To Know Your Firearm- ($75)

This class is done in a hands-on setting this is so each client will have time to be shown the workings of their firearm in depth we will also go over cleaning your weapon and storage of your firearm and ammo.

NOTE. We can put on a class for individual, Corporate, Family

Price is per student….

(NON NRA) Women Only Classes Shooting Class- ($135) This class is just for the ladies we have found that most. Ladies enjoy shooting sports with the company of other Ladies makes for a fun night out. This class will be around 30min of instruction time over firearms safety then 1-2 hours of live fire at the range learning shooting techniques, Stance, Posture, How to load and unload safely, Sign Alignment & Picture and some just plain fun shooting. Price is per student

Level 3 Security Officer Training Class- ($285) This class will certify you to become a level 3 armed security officer in the state of Texas

Level 2 Security Guard Training Class- ($125) This class will certify you to become a level 2 non commissioned (Unarmed) Security Guard in Texas